Pre-Cured Rubber Products

RubberSource Premium cold bonding quality rubber is a soft rubber compound mainly for wet high abrasion resistance applications, specifically engineered for the mining industry. It outlasted the best of market available materials in the mining industry around the world. Our Premium Pre-Cured rubber comes with buff back, cloth profile or bonding layer for easy application.

Abrasion protection

This guideline is put out by RubberSource to recommend various rubber thicknesses (the red is 40 duro; the grey portion of the chart is 60 durometer material – for increase material size. These recommendation are for a given material size, and whether it is rolling or falling material.

abrasion resistant rubber

The rationale is that when the rubber is sufficiently thick to rebound the striking particle, the wear life is maximized. However, if the rubber liner is even slightly too thin, and a given size stone or strikes it in such way that its sharp point is able to push through the rubber and contact what’s behind it – either a steel backing, or just the bare metal of, say a chute, then you end up with a “cut point.”

That small cut point may only be a 64th of an inch, but multiply that by 10,000 strikes a day, and you can see how the rubber will be chewed away if it isn’t quite thick enough.

You can add an extra 1/4” (6mm) of material in certain situations that will not add much to the overall cost of the material, but it may extend service life greatly.

Available compounds:

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