RS Rapid Repair Series – RubberSource RPR Series of products have been formulated to provide the optimal physical properties for handling today’s most challenging environments. They will repair, bond, and seal to all different types of surfaces and are dispensed in cartridges, ensuring on-ratio automatic mixing and eliminating any guesswork or measuring.

repair kit

The RPR series of products have no VOC’s or solvents and are sandable, grindable, paintable, drillable, and tapeable.

RS-RPR60 conveyor belt repair has sold successfully around the globe since 2005.
The trowelable products RS-RPR80T, RPR60T and RPR45T are new products in the last year.
RS-RPR80T has been used in the Arizona/Northern Mexico area in the last year successfully. Both RS-RPR60 and RS-RPR80T are now on the supplier list at some Freeport-
McMoRan plant locations.

100% Solids Elastomeric Cartridge System. A rapid and permanent flexible repair.
Hardens to the touch in two minutes and can be buffed in 30 minutes.
No VOCs, No shrinkage. Maximum hardness in 5 days.

Uses include repairs of:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Pulley lagging
  • Protective linings
  • Gaskets and packaging

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