Pre-Cured RS-651

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Pre-Cured RS-651

RS-651 Pre Cured Black Hypalon (CSPE) Hypalon is very resistant to attack byoxygen and ozone, and properly compounded products show excellent weathering resistance. RS-651 is highly popular in outdoor applications where it thrives in the harshest weather conditions.

Railcar Tanker Linings


Durometer:60 +/-5 (Shore A)
Tensile (min) kg / cm: 21422.33 PSI (100 kg/cm2)
Elongation (%): 400%
Tear: (kg/cm – min.)28 lbs/inch (30 kg/cm)
Temperature Range:-31-284 ̊F (-35 -140 ̊C)
Specific Gravity: 1.4

Typical Uses

Opened top vessels
Outdoor Equipment


Reduces corrosion
Electrical resistivity
Flame resistant
Ozone resistant

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