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RS-HM Repair Material for Polyurea Coatings is a two component, 1:1 by volume, 100% solids polyurethane elastomer specifically formulated for the repair of secondary containment polyurethane and polyurea elastomers. It is highlighted by:
• Rapid curing to reduce production times and improves cost efficiencies.
• Adheres tightly to the prepared surface area.
• Provides a seamless, durable patch to the existing containment system.

polyurea coatings | RS-HM


Hardness, (ASTM 2240): 90 A /40 Shore D
Tensile Strength (D-412): 2550 psi (175.28 kg/cm²)
Tear Strength (D624): 280 pli (322.6 km/cm)
Elongation (D-412): 350%
Abrasion Resistance (CS17 wheels, 1000g, 1000 cycles, (D-4060): 25 mg loss

Typical Uses

Repair of Secondary containment polyure-thane and polyurea elastomers.


Excellent adhesion
Seamless durable
Minimize down times of repairs

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