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RS-Flush, User Friendly Plural Component Pump Cleaner is a clear, pale yellow liquid. This product is used to flush urethane and polyurea application equipment. RS-Flush is soluble in all organic solvents, but not water miscible. RS-Flush is ideal for use in cleaning plural component systems without the threat of dam-age to pump O-rings and gaskets. Because it is non-reactive with isocyanate, RS-Flush is also an excellent material for flushing polyurethane foam and rim processing equipment. Typical properties include:
• Very good plasticizer.
• Phthalate-free.
• Non-reactive with isocyanate.
• The best long term storage fluid available.

polyurea coatings | RS-FLUSH


Density at 200C (680F:)1.04 – 1.07 g/cm3
Viscosity at 200C (680F): 100 – 130 Mpa
Flashpoint: 2250C (4370F)
Acid Value: Max 0.1
Hazen Color View: Max. 400
Water Content: < 0.05%
Pour point: -320C (-25.60F)

Typical Uses

Urethane and Polyurea application equipment


Soluble organic solvents
Non-reactive with iso-cyanate.
Minimize down times of application
The best long term storage fluid available.

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