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RS-BedRock Aromatic Hybrid Polyurea Coating is a 1:1, fast-set, spray appliedtwo component polyurea hybrid coating. It is 100% solids and contains zero VOCs.When cured, it is highlighted by:
•Excellent tensile and tear strength.
•Very good resistance to scratches and scuffs from regular use and transport ofgoods.
•Primarily formulated for use as a Truck Bed Liner and is used extensively to protectthe high-wear surfaces of Work Trucks.
•Water resistant to protect substrate from moisture and spills.

polyurea coatings | RS-BEDROCK


Hardness, (ASTM 2240): 52-56 Shore D
Tensile Strength (D-412): 3000 psi (210.92 kg/cm²)
Tear Strength (D624): 350 pli (403.24 kg/cm)
Elongation (D-412): 200%
Flexibility (1800 bend over 1/8” mandrel (D1737): Pass
Abrasion Resistance (CS17 wheels,1000,kg1000 cycles, (D-4060): 9 mg loss

Typical Uses

Truck bed
Mining Equipment


Abrasion Resistant
Reduces corrosion
Minimize down timesof application

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