RS-60 DM

polyurea coatings gold standard | RS-60 DM

RS-60 DM

RS-60DM, Aromatic Fast-Set Polyurea Spray System is a fast-set, spray applied, two component polyurea that is 100% solids and contains Zero VOCs. It is highlighted by:
• Excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance.
• Excellent impact resistance even in sub-freezing weather.
• High abrasion resistance for harsh environments.
• Seamless monolithic waterproof membrane that is tough and durable.
• Odorless, non-toxic vapor.

polyurea coatings | RS-60 DM


Hardness, (ASTM 2240):50 Shore D
Tensile Strength (D-412: )3200 psi (224.98 kg/cm2)
Tear Strength, DIE (D624): 480 pli (85.7 kg/cm)
Elongation: (D-412)360%
Impact Strength (di-rect), C-14: >700 lbs (>317.5 kgs)
Abrasion Resistance (CS17 wheels, 1000g, 1000 cycles, (D-4060): 20mg loss
100% Modulus, D-412: 1500 psi (105.46 kg/cm2)
200% Modulus, D-412: 1800 psi (126.55 kg/cm²)
300% Modulus, D-412: 2350 psi (165.22 kg/cm²)

Typical Uses

Mining Equipment
Fuel loading and un-loading


Abrasion Resistant
Reduces corrosion
Minimize down times of application
Adheres to wood, con-crete, FRP and metal

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