polyurea coatings gold standard | RS-490


RS-490 Aromatic Fast-Set Polyurea Spray System is a 1:1, fast-set, sprayapplied two-component polyurea coating. It is 100% solids and contains zero VOCs.When cured, it is highlighted by:
•Excellent resistance against chemicals used in the Oil and Gas Industry.
•Extremely flexible and high elongation to conform to the substrate during movement
•Specifically designed to wet out geotextiles to create a tough, durable liner
•Fast setting to minimize down times of application areas
•Water Permeability of Geotextiles by Permeability, ASTM D4491 – Constant HeadTest: Zero Flow Recorded.

polyurea coatings | RS-490


Hardness, (ASTM 2240): 42 Shore D
Tensile Strength (D-412): 3100 psi (217.95 kg/cm²)
Tear Strength (D624): 420 pli (75 kg/cm)
Elongation (D-412): 500%
Abrasion Resistance (CS17 wheels, 1000g, 1000 cycles, (D-4060: 20mg loss

Typical Uses

Spill control
Fuel loading and un-loading


Abrasion Resistant
High resilience
Reduces corrosion
Minimize down times of application

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