RS-3500 Polychloroprene Cement

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RS-3500 Polychloroprene Cement

RS-3500 Polychloroprene Based Tack Cement is a premium grade tack cement formulated with high quality polychloroprene rubber dissolved in solvent. It is designed specifically for use in lining operations when bonding neoprene rubber lining. S-3500 provides exceptional green strength while allowing for repositioning of the uncured rubber lining. It is suitable for use with autoclave, open steam, and chemical cures.

Railcar Tanker Linings


Viscosity, cps.: 3500 – 5500 cps
Density: 0.94 g/ml
Flash Point: 4°C (40°F)
Solids: 20 – 23%
Appearance:Black Liquid
Shelf Life:1 yr min.(unopened)
Theoretical Coverage: 106.4 ft2/L ; 402.6 ft2/Gal (at 4 mils wet film)
VOC: 743 g/L (6.2 lb/gal)

Typical Uses

Any applications using Neoprene (Chloro-prene) based rubber lining


Exceptional green strength
Allows repositioning of rubber lining
Provides excellent cured bond
Oil and water resistant Excellent chemical resistance Can be cured by autoclave, steam and chemical curatives

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