polyurea coatings gold standard | RS-30


RS-30 Polyurethane Primer for Concrete a two component polyurethane primer for concrete that is to be top coated with RubberSource’s line of polyurethanes and polyurea.It is highlighted by:
• Superior wetting of substrate.
• Very good chemical adhesion to the top coat.
• Low viscosity, penetrating primer.
• Designed for use in interior and exterior applications.

polyurea coatings | RS-30


Mix Ratio, by volume A to B: 1:1
Solid by volume: 100%
Application Temperature: 30-100ºF (-1-37ºC)
Recommended thickness: 6-8 wet mils (153-203 μ)
Coverage: 200-260 ft2/gal (4.9-6.4 m2/liter)

Typical Uses

Concrete Substrate


Excellent adhesion
Reduces corrosion
Superior penetration

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