RS-2000 Rubber Cement

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RS-2000 Rubber Cement

RS-2000 Cold Bond Rubber Cement is suitable for all applications of bonding rubber to: Rubber, metal, concrete, wood and many other materials. The use of trichloroethylene as the solvent system results in the development of a nonflammable rubber based adhesive. Useful in all applications of conveyor belt splicing, pulley lagging and industrial lining. Since the product is non-flammable it is suitable for use in underground mines where it is not possible to use explosive or flammable materials. Especially formulated for splicing, with fast cure times.

Railcar Tanker Linings


Poisons Schedule: S6
DG Class: Class 6.1. Exposure stan-dard (TWA) 50ppm
Pack size: 1kg tins, 30kg & 300kg drums (with 50ml bottle of activator per kg). Shelf life at least 1 year.
Open time: 15-20 minutes.
Viscosity, cps.: 300
Wt/Gal, lb/gal: 7.79
Theoretical Coverage: 203.4ft2 (18.9m2)/gallon (3.78kg)
Thinner: Trichloroethylene

Typical Uses

Conveyor Belt Splicing
Pulley Lagging
Cold bonding of Rub-ber to Metal, Concrete, wood and many other materials.
Cold bonding of Rub-ber to Rubber


Strong bonding in hours
Fast and reliable ser-vice
High temperature resis-tance

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