polyurea coatings gold standard | RS-1


RS-1 Polyurethane Primer for Steel is a VOC compliant, fast cure, high performance polyurethane primer high-lighted by:
• Excellent adhesion to blasted and unblasted steel substrates.
• Formulated with a high loading of corrosive inhibitive additives to provide a long
service life in harsh conditions.
• Excellent cure profile even in cold weather conditions.

Railcar Tanker Linings


Mix Ratio, by volume A to B: 1:2
Solid by volume: 25%
Solid by weight: 48%
VOCs, lbs/mixed gallon: 2.8%
Recommended thickness: 0.5-1.5 mils dft
(13-38μ dft)
Theoretical Coverage: 400 ft2/gallon
(37 m2/gallon)

Typical Uses

Steel Substrate


Excellent adhesion
Reduces corrosion
Excellent cure profile

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