Pre-Cured RS-B55

polyurea coatings gold standard | Pre-Cured RS-B55

Pre-Cured RS-B55

RS-B55 Pre Cured Black Bromobutyl made from bromobutyl polymer. It combines theproperties of good heat resistance, and very good resistance to corrosive acids and alkalies, while still retaining a moderate abrasion resistance. It has excellent resistance to ozone and outdoor weathering effects, and suitable for use with a range of chemicals including oxygenated solvents and hydraulic fluid. Suitable for most applications where high acid, chemical or temperature resistance is required. A rubber polymer blend with up to 70% bromobutyl and abrasion resistant rubber makes it suitable for many applications. Also shows low permeability to compressed gases. Available with a bonding layer.

cheimical storage tank lining | Pre-Cured RS-B55


Durometer (Shore A):60 +/-5
Tensile: 1280 PSI (90 kg/cm2)
Elongation: 350%
Tear: 165 lbs/inch (29.46 kg/cm)
Abrasion Resistance:80 mm3
Temperature Range:-40 ̊F to 260 ̊F (-40 ̊C to 127 ̊C)
Specific Gravity:1.20

Typical Uses



Abrasion Resistant
High resilience
Reduces corrosion

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