Permobond® RS-5506

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 Permobond® RS-5506

Permobond® RS-5506 Black Natural Rubber has excellent physical properties, like tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and elongation. As well has good resistance to most inorganic chemicals, with the exception of strong oxidizing agents. Resistance to weather (ozone) and water. RS-5506 is flexible and will expand and contract with thermal variations of the metal substrate. Often used in applications such as Phosphoric Acid for it’s low permeation physical properties.

Railcar Tanker Linings


Hardness (ASTM D2240):60 +/- 5 Shore A
Tensile (ASTM D412): 3800 psi (min.)
Elongation (ASTM D412):650% (min.)
Adhesion (ASTM D429):25LBS (min.)
Tear (Die C):260 Lbs/Lin. In.
Service Temperature:212°F max. (100°C)
Specific Gravity:1.15

Typical Uses

Storage Vessels Thickeners/Clarifiers Chutes
Flotation Cells



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