Rubber Armoured Liquid Applied Coating

RubberSource's RALAC coatings are two-component, room temperature curing fluoroelastomer coatings which feature robust adhesion and exceptional mechanical properties. These coatings greatly enhance fuel and fluid resistance for a wide variety of elastomeric substrates. Our RALAC coating is clear. RALAC coatings are composed of a mixture of polymers, organic compounds and fillers dissolved or dispersed in an organic solvent system. Our RALAC Curative is added to our RALAC coating.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Adhesion Provides strong adhesion to substrate and elongation of up to 400%; properly applied coating does not crack or peel. In laboratory testing, coating has demonstrated that it will not peel or crack prior to substrate cracking.

Fluid Resistant Provides fluid resistant barrier to external surface of elastomeric part, allowing bulk of component to be made of less expensive, less fl uid resistant material. Resultant system offers low cost, high mechanical properties with high fl uid and environmental resistance. RubberSource RALAC coating provides excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and oils.

Convenient Applies easily by spray, brush, dip or roll coat methods; can be easily incorporated into existing production lines. Coating cures at room temperature or with the aid of hot forced air.


Substrate Surface Cleaning and PreparationClean all surfaces of parts to be coated with RS-RALAC coating with methanol or other solvent capable of removing surface contaminants. Wiping is the preferred method, but dipping or spray washing may also be acceptable. A warm alkaline wash may be substituted for the methanol step.


RALAC 899.90 kg/m3,

RALAC Curative 947.83 kg/m3

Solids Content %

RALAC By Weight: 20, By Volume: 10.1

RALAC Curative By Weight: 99.5, By Volume: 99.4

Flash Point (Seta), °C (°F)

RALAC 15.6 (60)

RALAC Curative 92.8 (199)