Dealer and Applicator Territories Available!

RubberSource is looking to build a network of qualified coating applicators across Canada.

We have a full line of Polyurea protective coating systems already serving a wide variety of markets across North America. Our products are second to none regarding quality and performance while also maintaining very competitive pricing for both drum and pail sets.For those new to the industry, we are happy to provide all-inclusive training covering: substrate prep, equipment use, product application, choosing the proper coating system for specific service requirements, and much more!

RubberSource will not micro-manage or dictate how you run your business like some other coating suppliers. We will partner with you and your team to help make your business a success! Call or email us today to speak directly with a Coatings Expert as open territories are limited. ​​

Image depicting Polyurea Spraying Process
The Applications are ENDLESS!
  • General Automotive

    Truck Bed Liners, body panels.

  • Trailers

    Boats, livestock, motorcycles, work trailers.

  • Manufacturing

    Tanks, pumps, mixers, walkways, grating, vents, ladders, floors and walls.

  • Agricultural

    Farm machinery, silos, feed containers, storage tanks, fertilizer equipment.

  • General Construction

    Retaining walls, roofs, concrete.

  • Mining / Petroleum Industry

    Pipelines, platforms, storage, dump trucks.

  • Industrial

    Secondary containment, tanks, floors.

  • RVS / Motorhomes / Tow Trucks

    RV roofs, trailer noses, interior floors.

  • Marine / Naval Applications

    Boat hulls / decks / holds / tanks.

  • Food Processing

    Walk-in freezers , work tables, wet stations.